Interesting new book/blog

Back in 2008, Brighton-based freelance art director Stuart Tolley worked with Ink on the launch of J Magazine, for Jazeera Airways. He designed, I think, the first half dozen issues and had great fun with the covers in particular, which always featured a giant J. I loved that the monkeys on the front of the launch issue escaped the cover and scampered throughout the pages of the magazine.




Stuart also worked with Esquire, The Independent‘s Saturday magazine and Sleazenation, and had the unfortunate job of trying to make visual sense of the car crash that was Disappear Here, the short-lived magazine from Peaches Geldof and Loaded-founder James Brown.

His latest project is Collector’s Edition, which showcases beautifully produced, innovative, limited edition packaging for the music, book and magazine industries. The book, with contributions from Radiohead, Haruki Murukami, Mario Testino, Dinos Chapman and heaps more, comes out later this year, but meanwhile you can check out his blog, here. (Posted by AndrewH)

They shoot, they score!

Apologies for the paucity of postings recently, but we’re back now. With some footballing thing or other happening in Brazil in three weeks time, NASCAPAS offers a round-up of World Cup magazine covers. Included are the latest issues of madewithink favourites 8by8 and Bloomberg Businessweek, and other excellent indie football mags Rabona and Howler (and if you don’t know anything about these two mags, then see the forthcoming June issue of easyJet Traveller).





Also in the mix is the latest cover for Germanwings, an Ink magazine. This is particularly gratifying as the original cover had to be withdrawn at the last minute thanks to intervention from the FIFA brand-mark police, and a reworked concept hastily pulled together in 48 hours and resubmitted for FIFA approval.


What NASCAPAS doesn’t show are any of the internal spreads that make up GW‘s excellent World Cup extended feature. Masterminded by editor Kerstin Zumstein and co-executed by art director Rob “I hate football’ Timm, it’s 12 pages of stats, quotes, specially commissioned graphics, belly flops and bad haircuts. A great read whether you’re interested in football or not. (Posted by AndrewH)