Also doing good in New York

That other former Metropolitan art director isn’t doing too bad either: Christos Hannides who, for the last 18 months has been over in Brooklyn overseeing the design of United’s Hemispheres and Rhapsody titles, has swapped being tortured by the misfortunes of Tottenham Hotspur for hanging out with A-listers in LA and other neighbourhoods considerably sunnier than north London. He even gets co-star billing on the October issue’s From the Editors page: enlarge to read, and just look how happy he is. His mum must be so proud. (Posted by AndrewH)

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Screen shot 2014-09-12 at 16.56.09

More yellow and black please

As an airline Scoot has a very simple direction when it comes to it’s branding – yellow and black and lots of it.SCOOT - JUN-AUG

So when it came to giving the cover of Scoot magazine a refresh we embraced that thinking. We sourced and commissioned Ian Keltie, a commercial artist and creative director based in London to come up with a concept for us. He uses photo montage and block colours to create really striking and engaging images. He’s also one of the nicest people we’ve worked with so, if you ever need anything similar have a look here:


We briefed Ian on our colour restrictions and the elements that needed to be on the cover and let him run with it. He came back with a selection of great ideas and after a few tweaks we have an original and super eye-catching cover, complete with bespoke typography. The client is thrilled with the result, and so are we. (Posted by Pete Stephens & Claire Knox)

Totes amazeballs Jetstar

Jetstar Australia underwent a complete overhaul in May and it gets better and better with each issue. The September book stars comedy duo The Bondi Hipsters on the cover. Inside, Dom Nader and Adrian Archer give us their comedic take on a guidebook style piece. The inclusion of three pugs was one of those lucky breaks – art director Taryn Yat seconded the critters from a passerby on the shoot. French bulldogs, after all, are so 2013.


bondihipsters bondihipsters2 bondihipsters3

For the redesign we introduced more lifestyle content with lots of food and drink, fashion, beauty & men’s grooming and social trends, while features are more creative in execution. Here’s a photo-essay about lindy hoppers in Bangkok and a behind-the-scenes look at musical theatre in Melbourne, also from September. To see more go to

bangkokhop bangkokhop2 bangkokhop3




Posted by Liz Weselby / Elisabeth Knowles