Pop-up Action Part 2: A challenge from across the pond

En garde, Mr Humphreys. Time for a little Transatlantic Ink duel!

I take your Gulf Air Thomas Allen illustration and raise you a feature from Go and a book review from  Hemispheres.

Readers, whatcha think? Have the Brits or Yanks made the best use of Allen’s talents?


p066-67_AT_GO_0210.#583A8B7 p068-69_AT_GO_0210.#583A8C2



-Orion Ray-Jones

Tailing a Story

 fish tales

fish tale2

fish tale3 fish tale4

What better place is there to use the old he-said/she-said format than a fishing feature? Second possibly only to claims of feats under the sheets, the boasts of fishing aficionados make perfect fodder for humorous reality checks from an eye witness. In the February issue of Go, our very own Sam Polcer and New York Times writer Amanda Petrusich head to a small Yucatan seaside village in search of a big catch. But—thwarting gender expectations—it’s not the boy who’s the braggart…

I really like how the footnote technique has been used to create the conversation. It keeps the reader’s eye moving, and it gives the feature an interactive feel.

-Orion Ray-Jones