Incoming… AUH magazine

The latest addition to the Ink stable is AUH, a new magazine we’re publishing on behalf of Abu Dhabi International Airport. It was delivered to the client last month and is awaiting sign off, but given that they’re uploading it to their own website today, I thought we could give everybody a sneak preview here too.

It’s a travel mag with what I think is a unique premise: each issue leads off with stories located at the airport (infographics, product, profiles), which is where the magazine is being distributed, and then the further you flip through the pages, the further you travel from the airport – via Abu Dhabi itself, on to Dubai and the UAE, the Middle East, short-haul and then mid-haul destinations, winding up at the furthest-flung places. Page furniture references airline boarding cards, and airport signage and codes (hence AUH, which is the airport code for Abu Dhabi). Instead of page numbers folios give the distance from Abu Dhabi Airport – so you’ll find our Sydney story on a page tagged 12,075km.

Here’s a bunch of pages and spreads (the designer is Dan Di Paolo):


The magazine was originally to be called ‘You Are Here’ with the accompanying tag line, ‘Now where do you want to go?’ but the client favoured AUH. We were able to keep the map-inspired ‘You Are Here’ idea as a device on the cover and it also appears on some of the dps openers in the feature well. It has echoes of that UK lottery advertising campaign of a few years back, ‘It could be you!’


The contents page is also inspired by boarding passes. It introduces the colour-coded sectioning that’s employed to help reader navigation: dark blue for AUH pages; light blue for Abu Dhabi; red for UAE; green for short and mid haul; yellow for long haul.



The above page is part of a feature on the arrival of gourmet food trucks in Sydney (they’ve taken their time, I know). The fine illustrations were done inhouse by Ink’s own one-man infographic studio, Callum Lewis.



The client encouraged us to treat the airport’s corporate pages in the same graphic fashion as the rest of the magazine, so Dan commissioned an illustrator used elsewhere in the magazine to liven up the practical info pages, while the map of destinations served by the airport is a modified reprise of the contents page.