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Welcome to issue two of Eight
In Thailand, each day is attributed a different colour. This tradition extends to birthdays, which are identified with a colour representing the day on which people were born. His Majesty King Bhumibol of Thailand came into the world on Monday 5 December, 1927, and each year his birthday is celebrated with yellow decorations and by the wearing of yellow clothes.
Taking the Thai day colours as our inspiration, we have created a book all about colour. This edition of Eight is divided, appropriately, into eight sections: yellow (Monday), pink (Tuesday), green (Wednesday), orange (Thursday), blue (Friday), purple (Saturday) and red (Sunday) – along with a section on white, a “non-colour”. All interviews, stories and images relate to that section’s colour.
It’s been a treat. We’ve met people who work with certain colours, and have explored the Dusit network of countries by their prominent colours.
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 We’ve investigated the legend of the White Lady in Guam and shot the feature using infradred photography, and in “Why isn’t food blue?” we’ve examined the psychology of colour in food preparation. Photographer JeongMee has spent the last eight years cataloguing young girls’ obsession with pink, and we carry a selection of her stunning portraits, while science writer Philip Ball explains how the 19th-century invention of purple dye spawned an entire industry devoted to the colour.
Check out some of the features we are most proud of here:
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(Posted by Peter Stephens)

8 Magazine, 5 cities, infinite possibilities

It was a dream project. An open brief for a magazine published only twice a year, which simply needed to cover the amazing destinations in which Thai hotel brand Dusit International operates properties. We also had the luxury of running stories with no obvious tie to the brand, or advertisers.

Our answer? 8, a coffee table-style, themed magazine produced on thicker stock, with indulgent photography and typography. Content is linked by a theme – in this, the first issue, it’s ‘Street Stories’.

We took five Dusit destinations: Bangkok, Phuket, Dubai, New Delhi and Abu Dhabi. Then we chose a street in each destination, and introduced a selection of people – artists, musicians, writers, restaurant owners, chefs and designers – from that street.


Our selection of personalities included maverick, award-winning photographer Manit Sriwanichpoon on Silom Road, Bangkok, Lebanese fashion designer Zayan Ghandour, who set up Dubai’s successful S*auce boutique on Jumeriah Beach Walk, and charismatic comedian, sitar player and poet Zakir Khan who lives on Main Street, Hauz Khas Village in New Delhi. Through the collection of stories, we got an intimate glimpse into each destination, and illustrated the contrasting characters of the cities in which Dusit operates.

The client loves the book, it was a fun to work on and I’m being indulgent by (re)posting several layouts. We’re excited about coming up with something altogether different for the next issue of 8. (Posted by Liz Weselby, Singapore)