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Since 1 January this year, Ink has relaunched a suite of three titles for American Airlines. The first into the seatbacks, on 1 Jan, was American Way, and before he retires in another 20 years or so, senior editor on the title Eric Celeste has promised to post about it.

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In February we published the first issue of the new-look Nexos, American’s Spanish- and Portuguese-language title (more about that soon), and this month we debuted the new Celebrated Living.


CL (for short) is the airline’s premium-class cabin offering – you can tell: it’s got special silver ink on the cover – and it goes out quarterly. Editing the title is Jacquelyne Froeber, previously a senior editor at Midwest Living and travel editor at Time Inc’s Coastal Living. She brings with her a raft of experienced writers.

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Every issue kicks off with the Platinum List, which is a round up of some of the most exciting and high-profile hotel, restaurant and bar openings around the American Airlines’ network.




The Platinum List is followed by a bunch of mid-book franchises built around property, interiors, arts and culture, business and heritage. The pick of these in the March issue is a profile of Michael Brown, a video-production company director with a passion for Corvettes. He never set out to have a collection, he tells writer Ellise Pierce, his wife just bought him one for his birthday and now he’s got 14 of them. It’s a good story (it fills a regular ‘Collectors’ spot) but it’s turned into something exceptional by the photography (by Pepper Yandell). I’m no petrolhead, and I haven’t owned a car for the last 30 years, but this made me want one.

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There is plenty of fine photography elsewhere, too, particularly in the features. Art direction is by Alexander Flores.

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Above is extrovert celebrity chef Brian Malarkey who is just about to open a restaurant in Las Vegas; he was shot for us exclusively by photographer Heather Gill.

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The final bit of editorial in CL is a brief one-page travel essay; Jackie did an excellent job for her launch issue in landing a contribution from best-selling author of the moment and NYT Magazine ‘ethicist’ Amy Bloom.

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Shame we’ve got to wait a whole three months for the next one. (Posted by AndrewH)